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The Ticketor
04-10-2007, 13:12
Air Seychelles announces arrival of a third aircraft

Air Seychelles is pleased to announce it has secured the lease of a third Boeing 767 aircraft which will be operational as of the 15th December 2007.

The decision to lease the aircraft was taken after considering the continual positive trend in tourist arrivals which are currently +15% compared to 2006 which was a record year, and +25% compared to the last 5 years average. Additionally, there is a significant number of new hotels either under construction or planned for the next 5 years. This is a huge potential for us as an airline and as the B787 Dream)liner will enter service only in 2010 we need to respond to the market in a timely manner.

With such positive growth we need to provide additional capacity rapidly otherwise we will be unable to maintain our market share with current capacity. The third aircraft is essential in our strategy to maintain and increase our share of traffic in the markets we currently serve. It also offers the opportunity of opening up new exciting markets.

The smaller B767-200 will be used primarily on the regional Indian Ocean network (BKK/SIN, JNB, MRU), leaving the two B767-300ERs primarily to serve our European network.

The newly acquired B767-200ER will be configured as follows:

Premium Economy: Front Cabin
 87 seats at 38 pitch (6 inches more than our current 767-300ERs in economy).
 It will have a 2-4-2 seating arrangement compared to 2-3-2 on current B767-300ERs.
 The catering and service in this cabin will be an improvement on the normal economy but not a J class.

Economy: Rear Cabin
 135 seats at 34 pitch (2 inches more than our current 767-300ERs in economy).
 It will have a 2-4-2 seating arrangement.
 The catering and service will be as on current services.
We had wanted to have the same J class specifications as the current B767-300s but due to certification and supplier issues this has not been possible for this winter.


With the arrival of the new aircraft, we will have a new operating *schedule.
The current once weekly Singapore service will be replaced by a twice weekly service to South East Asia. As from December 17th 2007 we will operate two BKKSEZ return flights with one of those flights routed on the return via Singapore. Our weekend flight to Johannesburg will be operated by the B767-200 on a Sunday instead of the Nationwide B727 Sat/Sun service. Paris will have an additional weekly service (6 weekly) and there will be a new weekend service to Milan over and above the current two weekly services to Rome. The UK maintains the twice weekly service. We have requested an additional service to Mauritius from the Mauritian authorities and await their approval. This is necessary as we have seen a strong growth on this route and the B767-200 will have some 30 seats less than the B767-300.