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24-06-2014, 16:37
Nok Air (DD, Bangkok Don Mueang) and Singapore Airlines (SQ, Singapore Changi) management have taken a significant step forward in the formation of their proposed low-cost, long-haul operation, NokScoot (Bangkok Don Mueang). In a statement issued to the Singaporean bourse last week, the carriers announced they had agreed on the final structure of the carrier with both each to hold a 49% stake with the remaining 2% to be held by Pueannammitr Co.

"A Joint Venture Agreement has been signed between Scoot, Nok Mangkang Co., a Special Purpose Vehicle set up by Nok Air (“Nok Mangkang”), and Pueannammitr Co. Ltd, a company formed by the management of Nok Air (“PNM”), to set up the JV Airline by way of acquiring an existing company, Pete Air Co, Ltd. (“JVC”), which is already holding an Air Operator’s Licence."

Subject to regulatory approval, the joint-venture firm will subsequently be renamed NokScoot Airlines Co., Ltd with each party to invest an initial aggregate amount of SGD80million (USD63.98million).

Under the venture's original plans, NokScoot will launch in the second half of this year using "two or three" B777-200(ER)s sourced from Singapore Airlines' LCC subsidiary, Scoot (TZ, Singapore Changi). The aircraft will be repainted into Nok Air's livery but operate under the NokScoot brand name.

Initial services will include East Asia, Japan, South Korea and northern China.

08-07-2014, 12:50
Ser ut som første rute blir DMK-NRT fra november

04-11-2014, 20:52
Ser ut som første rute blir DMK-NRT fra november

Det kan se slik ut ja... :D

NokScoot (XW, Bangkok Don Mueang) says it secured its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the Thai Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) on October 30, 2014. Together with its Air Transport Service License, secured from the Thai Ministry of Transport earlier this year, the start-up will now begin applying for operating permits and slots for its intended international routes. It is believed Tokyo Narita will be among the carrier's maiden destinations.

“We will promptly submit an application to the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau for a Foreign Air Carrier Permit. As you know, traffic between Japan and Thailand has been growing continuously year on year, and as such we aim to bring the low cost carrier market new value, choice, and customised travel experience. We hope to launch our service to serve the demand of passengers as soon as possible,” Piya Yodmani, NokScoot’s Chief Executive Officer, said.

NokScoot is a joint venture between Nok Air (DD, Bangkok Don Mueang) and Scoot (TZ, Singapore Changi), Singapore Airlines' longhaul budget subsidiary. Based out of Bangkok Don Mueang, NokScoot will offer medium to long haul flights using a fleet of B777-200(ER) aircraft.

24-11-2014, 12:57
Første fly er nå malt og fargene er like Scoot sine, bortsett fra flyet har fått nebb, itillegg til Noklogoen på halen, og ser litt teit ut

24-11-2014, 21:52
Litt pussig livery den hybriden ja. Men er hvertfall en "big bird" eller Nok Yai som det heter på thai.

08-12-2014, 01:25
Og da blir første flyvning for NokScoot mest sannsynlig for Nok Air innenriks...

Nok Air (DD, Bangkok Don Mueang) will deploy a B777-200(ER) onto its Bangkok Don Mueang to Chiang Mai service over the period December 2014 through to January 2015. The aircraft, according to Airline Route, is sourced from nascent subsidiary NokScoot (XW, Bangkok Don Mueang) which plans to commence scheduled international operations before the end of the year.

Nok Air in December 2014 and January 2015 is adding extra service on Bangkok Don Mueang – Chiang Mai route, on selected dates. These extra flights will be operated by NokScoot’s Boeing 777 aircraft. Planned schedule as follow.

DD6408 DMK1800 – 1910CNX 777 *
DD6408 DMK0800 – 0910CNX 777 **
DD6410 DMK1450 – 1600CNX 777 **
DD6408 DMK0800 – 0910CNX 777 ^

DD6409 CNX2035 – 2140CNX 777 *
DD6409 CNX1050 – 1150DMK 777 **
DD6411 CNX1720 – 1830DMK 777 **
DD6409 CNX1030 – 1135DMK 777 ^

* 07DEC14 / 14DEC14 / 19DEC14 / 21DEC14 / 26DEC14 / 30DEC14 / 03JAN15 / 04JAN15
** 27DEC14
^ 05JAN15

08-12-2014, 19:42
Og da blir første flyvning for NokScoot mest sannsynlig for Nok Air innenriks...



Good news[emoji3] Skal en tur til Chiang Mai i løpet av januar. Er det mulig å booke business-class på denne mon tro?

05-10-2019, 08:38
NokScoot vokser videre og er nå oppe i 7 fly, alle tidligere SQ 777-200ER maskiner rekonfigurert til 415 seter


Thailand’s NokScoot has expanded its fleet to seven aircraft, after commissioning the sixth and seventh Boeing 777-200 Oct. 3.