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28-09-2004, 15:53

In a breakthrough among international airlines, Ireland's major carrier announced Monday that it is adopting a low-fare formula for trans-Atlantic service.
In a bid to attract more business travelers, Aer Lingus is the first established airline to apply pricing strategies of discounters such as Southwest and America West to trans-Atlantic travel.

"In terms of trying to simplify international airfares, that has never been done," says Denver-based industry consultant Michael Boyd.

The Aer Lingus plan:

Cap one-way, unrestricted coach fares tickets typically bought by business travelers at $503 each way from any of the five cities it serves in the USA to Ireland. Round-trip purchase is not required. Previously, the same fares ran as high as $838.

Simplify charges by throwing out the requirement for a Saturday-night stay for the lowest available fare.

Reduce business-class fares by as much as 60%. The price of an unrestricted ticket in business class from Los Angeles to Dublin falls to $1,504 from $3,695 each way. From New York, it will go to $1,304 from $2,272 .

Having cut costs to wage a war against Ryanair and other low-cost airlines in Europe, Aer Lingus said it was ready to take the next step.

The airline "realized what's happening here (in the USA) and the intra-European market will eventually migrate to the Atlantic," said Aer Lingus executive Jack Foley. "We wanted to position ourselves to recognize that migration."

Tom Parsons, publisher of BestFares.com, says Aer Lingus is betting that its small size could insulate it from retaliatory moves by bigger airlines that could match its fares.

As "the smallest kid on the block," Parsons says, "maybe the other carriers will close their eyes, see no evil, and say, 'Let them do what they want to do.' "

Aer Lingus serves Ireland with 47 flights weekly from New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and seasonal service from Baltimore. The trans-Atlantic fare discounts can be combined with flights to 40 European destinations.

01-10-2004, 01:29
interessant, veldig interessant. Men, de blir vel ikke helt LCC over Atlanteren. De har vel fremdeles servering, og interlining og connections?