View Full Version : BA protesterer på Alitalia-støtte

21-09-2004, 16:26
BA steps back into Alitalia row
(Source : Financial Times, September 20, 2004)
British Airways has stepped back into the controversial Alitalia rescue by urging the UK govt to seek to block any further state aid to the Italian airline. Rod Eddington, BA CE, has written to Alistair Darling, UK transport secretary, urging him to persuade the European Commission against backing any further state aid. Eddington said he was 'particularly concerned that the Italian authorities will 'restructure' Alitalia in a way that attempts to circumvent the rules.' Under the Italian plan to split the airline into two parts AZ Service (the ground activities) and AZ Fly (the flying operations), the intention appeared to be to load Alitalia's E1.6b of debt into AZ Service, whose ownership would be transferred to other state-owned companies. This 'could only be interpreted as a E1.6b subsidy,' said Eddington. Further subsidy would be involved in the recapitalisation of the airline. This must not be permitted, he said.
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